Shinobi Legends Martial Arts Dojo      

  The Art of the Ninja

Welcome to the NJ Shinobi Legends Dojo-  A place of Honor, Discipline and Respect!

Shinobi Legends dojo, LLC                                                                          First Trial class is Free!!!
84 Centre St.                                                                                                          -   Ask about our family and group discounts                                             
Nutley, N.J. 07110                                                                                                  -  Available for Events and Demos                                                                                            973-900-0010                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                                Se habla espanol !!!          

 News Flash!!!:   Rated  "NJ Top Ten Karate School in Essex County " , 2013-2014 on Google.

We invite the entire family as we Continue to grow , challenge and motivate all who visit us at our respected facility.


Adult Classes - Men and Women


Konuchi/ Ninja

Young Adults Classes- Boys and Girls

Ninja Turtles

Kids Classes

At Shinobi legends Dojo & Fitness Center, we like to train in an environment which is safe and instills a sense of brotherhood for all of our students.   We welcome all new students to try our one free trial class.We have a structured curriculum which is proven to bring out your very best

as a person and as a martial artist. The most common benefits notice are:

 We offer classes in:

-Ninjutsu (The art of the Ninja)
-Weponry (Kobudo)Traditional and contemporary
-Mat work,Tumbling
-Kick boxing and cardio
-Grappling and body manipulation
-Security Classes
-Womens self defense program
-Anti Bullying program for all kids.

Additional advantages are:

1) Toning and Weight Loss

2) Health and Fitness

3) Discipline and Confidence

4) Provides a medium for yourself to invigorate the daily grind of work, school, etc.. 

5) Self confidence while learning life-long skills


We pride ourselves on having the best students in the industry because of the relationships formed in the classroom. All students are recognized on a

first name basis and are introduced to everyone, so you feel a sense of family,teamwork almost instantly while training. You owe it to yourself to

make sure you can protect yourself as well as family, friends and love ones,

prevent bullying, build confidence.

Classes for Young Adults and Kids

Adult Classes and training Seminars